Want to get a new dog but don't want to deal with all the puppy behaviours?
Do you have PTSD or need a companion as an emotional support dog?
Don't have any puppy training experience?
Have you had bad experiences with a previous dog and want your next dog to be different?

A trained puppy could be a great option for you! Scroll down to see who is available or our plans for upcoming trained puppies available. 

When you purchase a trained puppies from Amadeus Aussiedoodles, she or he will be approximately 4-5 months old and are or have had the following...

  • Crate Training

  • House Training Started 

  • Good Manners (no jumping up) 

  • Basic Commands  (Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Off, Leave it)

  • Leash Training

  • Grooming Introduction & Maintenance 

  • Socialization (Car rides, puppy play dates, participate in daily family routines)

  • Fully Vaccinated

 *Please keep in mind puppy training is NOT software! Consistency and persistence is absolutely necessary that the puppy training continues after the puppy goes home with you. 

You and your puppy will be given a one hour introduction and teaching session on puppy pick up day. 

For information on our trained puppies, email us:

Born: August 2, 2021
Sex: Female
Breed: F1b Aussiedoodle
Coat Colour: Black Tri
Current Weight: 
Expected Mature Weight : 35-45lbs
Ready to go: November 9th
Price: $6,500
About Emma:  She is a very sweet and loving girl and truly just wants to be your friend. She enjoys playing with other dogs and people. She's great for car rides and walks well on the leash. She has a good appetite and is quiet in the crate unless it's play time! She can be shy sometimes at first but it doesn't last long and her confidence is growing. 



Born: August 26, 2021
Sex: Female
Breed: F1 Aussiedoodle
Coat Colour: Red Tuxedo
Current Weight: 
Expected Mature Weight : 50-60lbs
Training Begins : Oct 21st
Ready to go: Beginning of December
Price: $6,500