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Meet 'Abby'
Breed: Golden Retriever Aussie
Born: February 16 2022
Sex: Female
Weight : 5lbs
Mature Weight: 30lbs
Coat Colour: Chocolate Tuxedo
Coat Type: Straight, Sheds
Ready to go Soon!

She is such a sweet, snuggly puppy! Tender and low/calm energy for most part. Will play solidly for 5-10 minutes then find somewhere to curl up and sleep for half an hour. Quite the laidback pup for her age! Abby is currently doing well with house training and crate training. 



Meet 'Onyx'
Breed: Standard Poodle
Born: September 25 2021
Sex: Male
Weight: 35lbs
Mature Weight: 50lbs
Coat Colour: Blue Merle Phantom
Coat Type: Curly, non-shedding

Ready to go Soon!