Thankyou for your interest and support towards our guardian program. 

Is being a guardian right for your family?

Hello! This is Onyx, the blue merle standard poodle. We are so proud of Onyx's progress in the last 5 months. We took him in from a farm in Manitoba where he was being kept in a heated barn. Being in the house was new, learning his name was new, crate training was new, toys were new, a leash was new, diet was new, everything was new! Thank goodness other than the need to gain weight, he was completely healthy and has passed his genetic testing. Despite everything, he has a wonderful, goofy, happy, playful personality! He does well in the crate, pretty good on the leash, awesome for car rides and loves people and other dogs. The way he happily prances around it's sure to make you laugh! He tries to make everyone his friend, cuddling up to strangers at the ball games this summer. He has a soft, non-shedding coat that will need regular grooming and he weighs 50lbs.
If are willing to welcome Onyx into your home, you can expect he will need your patience and understanding while he transitions into your home. I assure you, he will be so worth it! He's a wonderful dog who is so loving, sweet and blast to have around. Just wait until you meet him! Contact us if Onyx sounds like the right fit for you.
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