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 shipping your puppy

Live too far to drive? Live out of Ontario? Need your puppy flown to you?
YES! We can help! 

At Amadeus Aussiedoodles, we have the experience and knowledge to make all the arrangements of flying your puppy for you. 
* Canada Only*

What Do I have to do to get my puppy shipped? 
Once we have contacted you with an available puppy and you have reserved your puppy by sending us your deposit, Nothing! We can take care of the rest. We will just need all your contact information to book the plane ticket. 

What fees are involved with shipping a puppy?
Having your puppy shipped has the following costs involved:
Balance owing for the puppy (approx. $2100-$2400)
Plane ticket & booking fees $447.25
Transportation to Airport $300.00
Health Certificate from Veterinarian (required) $15.00
Travel Crate approx $50-100
*certain restrictions will apply*


 As soon as your family has decided to have your Amadeus puppy flown, you will be put in touch with our trusted 'Puppy Logistics' expert.
Trevor has personally handled transportation and booking puppies for us many times and with success, great care and compassion. He absolutely enjoys the privilege of spending time with our puppies and assisting you at getting yours home. He is careful to keep you updated along the way. You can be sure your puppy will be in good hands! 

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