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How Our Waitlist Works...

You must wait for the waitlist you are interested in to open up to send in your application. 
Our wait list does not open until the puppies arrive.
Submit your email address CLICK HERE to join our litter notification list to receive email announcements when our puppies arrive or become available and the waitlist opens.
The link will become available on the 'Puppies' page for you to click on and submit your application when it is open.
WATCH for us to make announcements on Facebook and Instagram. 
 The Approximate dates puppies will arrive and when the waitlist will open are listed below.
* Our application is not available ahead of time*
Our puppies are NOT sold to 'the highest bidder' or automatically to the application received first. 
This is where you will find ALL our current breeding planning...

F1  Moyen Aussiedoodle Litter

Mother-to-Be:  Milly click here to see her
Father-to-Be:  Whiskey click here to see him
Litter Status: SHE'S PREGNANT! Due Date October 2nd.
Puppies Expected to Arrive :  October 2023
Colours Possible: black, black tuxedo, blue merle, blue merle tuxedo, chocolate, chocolate tuxedo, chocolate merle, or chocolate merle tuxedo. click here to see coat colours explained.
Coat Type Possible: Straight or Wavy.
Expected Mature Size:
30-40 lbs
Price: $1800
Ready to Go:  Early December 2023
Waitlist will open approximately October 2023
Waitlist Status :
*Please keep in mind that while we do our best to predict when puppies will arrive, that these dates are just approximate until the dogs are actually bred. Wait lists do not open until the puppies arrive.
Please let us know if you have any questions.
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