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WHAT is a Golden Aussiedoodle?
25% Australian Shepherd
25% Golden Retriever
50% Poodle

At Amadeus Aussiedoodles, we are VERY excited to introduce to you our new doodle cross, the Golden Aussiedoodle. 
Our Golden Aussiedoodle is a dog who is 50% Australian Shepherd and 50% Golden Retriever which is bred to a purebred poodle. This creates offspring that is 25% Australian Shepherd, 25% Golden Retriever and 50% poodle.

Coming Fall 2022

Here at Amadeus Aussiedoodles, we are always striving towards producing the best family dogs we can for you.
We believe that by adding that bit of Golden Retriever to the cross, we can create a more well-rounded family dog.

*Please keep in mind that many characteristics and habits are all to do with training and environment and only so much can come from good genetics*

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