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Thank you for your interest and guardian program!
It's your support that makes it possible for
 our dogs to be 

At Amadeus Aussiedoodles, we are different. What sets us apart from most breeders is that we are a small kennel free set up where we ensure each dog is raised as a pet first! Each of our dogs remain a part of the family throughout their entire lives. How? Families like you! We depend on local dog savvy families to join the Amadeus Pack by raising our selected pups as their own. 

Our guardian program has been a great success for us! Not only is it fantastic that our dogs have the opportunity to live in a family home where their every day needs are met, but it also builds great relationships, trust, connection and support, amongst dog lovers who truly love and care our dogs as much as we do. We truly appreciate value all the effort and dedication we have from all our guardians! They are a huge part of what makes our breeding program such a success!

Interested in becoming an Amadeus Guardian?
Please see below to find out who is available to guardian and how the program works.

We are currently looking for applications!
Please view the FAQ's section below to understand how our guardian program works.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Why Become A Guardian?

Becoming a guardian is a great way to get a puppy, especially if buying a puppy is a little out of the budget.

For you, being a guardian to an Amadeus puppy means you do not have to commit to a lot of the costs that come along with having a puppy. For us, being a guardian to our dogs is important because it means that the puppy gets to grow up and live in a family/home environment without staying cooped up in a kennel and he/she receives the attention and training they deserve. We want our dogs to be treated as pets first and this is why we have set up our guardian program. 

What costs is the breeder responsible for?

The breeder is responsible for paying the purchase price of the puppy ($2000-$4500), vaccinations, microchipping, grooming services, boarding, genetic testing, health clearances, breeding supplies/expenses, and the spay/neuter procedure cost. 

What costs am I responsible for?

The guardian is responsible for providing the food (the breeder's approval), treats, any city licencing needed for your area, supplies (crate, dishes, leash, collar, beds, etc.) and parasite control. Thats it!

What happens to my dog once he/She is old enough to breed?

If you are the guardian of a female puppy, you are required to inform the breeder when the dog goes into heat. Once the breeder decides it's time for her to be bred, then she will be brought to the male for breeding (she will be away for approximately 1 week). Then, once your dog is bred she can go back home until she is due to have puppies. As soon as her puppies are weaned (6-7 weeks) she can return home. 

If you are the guardian of a male puppy, you are required to allow the breeder access for breeding. Depending on the location of the female being bred, he may be required to stay with us for approximately 1 week.

Once the breeder decides to retire the dog, then he/she will be spayed/neutered.

What happens to my dog once he/she has been retired?

Once the dog has been spayed/neutered, then full ownership rights and responsibilities are transfered to you. This means that the dog becomes completely yours and has been retired from breeding. 

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, the contract gives everyone a clear picture of what each party's responsibilities are and it covers everything you need to know in detail. The contract is available for viewing by email if you wish.

* Applicants must be willing to drive the distance to our home upon request and have a fenced in yard on your property to be approved. Thank you!*

Thank you for your support & interest in our Amadeus Family!

Any Questions? Let us know!

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