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Welcome to the Amadeus Family!
A HUGE thank you goes out to our wonderful guardian families for all that they do! You all are very important to our breeding program and a big part of what makes our dogs so happy, healthy, and well rounded. 
Thank you for making an Amadeus dog a part of your family!

Interested In Becoming a Guardian? Apply Here

Indie & her guardian
Winston & his guardian
Poppy with her guardian
Elsa & Nala with their guardian family
Aspen & her Guardian
Suzie & her guardians
Nelly & her guardian
Freya & her guardians
Wrigley & his guardians
Stella & her guardian
Raven & her guardian family
Lexi & her guardian family
Gunther & his guardian family
Maverick & his guardian
Willow & her guardians
Oakley & his guardian mom
Norman & his family
Penny & her guardian
Milly & her guardian
Cleo & Rocket with their guardian family
Jersey & her guardian family
Tux & his guardian family
Rocket & his guardians
Tessa & her guardian
Frank & Our Duaghter
Memphis & his Guardians
All Our Guardians!
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